An Hour of Darkness

We had power cuts sometimes up to 8 hours unannounced for long periods of time. After sometime we started to make use of these powerless periods to play board games. Specially at nights under candle night. And believe me that was quality time spent with family.

Hope Nwosu

Lunch time was fast approaching and kids eagerly  awaited the meal. Half way into preparation, the electricity tripped off. Television and other electrical appliances in the house also went off.

I was speechless. How could we eat lunch today and when will the power supply be restored? These thoughts ran through my mind as more yelling from my daughters made me even more nervous.

The older girl asked me what had happened to the light and how she might watch her favourite kids cartoons.

There were too many questions which I had no answer for. I decided first to look for lunch alternative before we all starve.

We eventually settled for yoghurt and left-over cake from her birthday party. They didn’t like the improvise and took only few spoons before going back to the television set. I was left alone on the dinning table with the so-called food. It was our…

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