Wrong #posture can break your back!

Rohidas Vitthal Sanap: Web Developer/Designer

A wrong posture could break your back. Here’s how to get it right!

Crunches-jpgSo you got on the exercise wagon but you aren’t seeing results? When done correctly, the right workout regime can help lose weight, strengthen muscles and help bone density. However, fitness experts say the most common reason for muscle strains, sprains, fractures and workout related injury is bad form. Mirror points out the most common mistakes in your form and how to fix it.

Doing squats
Squats have been criticised for being harsh on the knees, but when done correctly, they improve stability and strengthen connective tissue.

The most common mistake is bending forward. Once you establish the correct stance, other mistakes are automatically eliminated.

Avoid wearing shoes with compressible soles as they hamper with your form. Barefoot is the best bet. Don’t keep your feet too close together or your heels will lift off the…

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