#NokiaStory: 10 #Nokia #phones #India will always remember

Sad but true

Rohidas Vitthal Sanap: Web Developer/Designer

For well over a decade, Nokia was synonymous with the mobile phone across most of the world. We loved our old Nokia phones and for most of us it was the first mobile brand. Nokia phones were popular for its reliability, battery life and of course some of the models were good enough to be projectiles.

People loved the fact that a Nokia phone could easily last for over three years. However, this was not something Nokia might have actually wanted, as it lowered the refresh cycle ultimately hampering sales growth.

This is not the story anymore. With smartphones coming into the picture, there is nothing called a single favourite brand in the country. Also, after Microsoft acquired the brand, it is now officially dropping the Nokia tag.

So on the day Microsoft Device announced its first phone, the Lumia 535, to launch without the Nokia branding, we take a…

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