What is Apology? by Patrice Ardiere

Kindness Blog

ApologyI changed my life in April 2009. I went to a weekend workshop that would culminate more than 10 years of spiritual study and self- journey. No, I am not done. The pivot points on this type of journey often direct you to a further place and much more work to do. Still, it brought a huge change in me on so many levels.

One such level dealt with apology.

Our wise instructor asked. “Have you ever offered an apology and had it rejected? How did that feel? Now, remember that feeling when people come to you and are truly sorry for something they did.”

Our instructor wasn’t talking about the agenda driven type of apology we sometimes speak of. Many of us have been the recipient of empty words from empty people. Nor was she speaking of the way innocent bystanders might suffer at the hands of others. In…

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