Beef Chilli Fry

Very very tempting. Will try this out on Sunday

This recipe of Beef Chilli Fry brought back a lot of memories during my teenage years. It’s a smart way to use leftover cooked beef like the one I used from my last weeks recipe Beef and Potato Curry. A simple 2 step process with just 3 ingredients. Leftover beef, onions and green chilli/ jalapeno. The flavor of the cooked beef and sautéed fresh jalapeno and onions give the recipe its distinct flavor and taste. what more can a cook who loves to cook easy delicious recipes ask for. You can eat it for brunch, side dish along a meal or be creative.

beef-chilli-chillies-fry-goan-recipe-south-indian-appertizer-ideasIn my earlier post I had mentioned that Indian breakfast are more savory. My childhood memories of breakfast are of fresh-baked bread, butter, cheese, eggs, salami (which is a smaller version of Italian mortadella) or chapatis (rotis). Plain Corn flakes where available in the 90’s…

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