Waiting – The Crevice of Time 

From the time one could remember, life has always been about waiting. We wait for our birthday or Christmas for our gifts. We wait for our friends to come and play. We wait to go to school. We wait to come home. We wait for our dinner. We wait for our exams. We wait for our results. We wait to fall in love. We wait to get married. We wait for recognition and rewards. We wait for change in government. We wait for the budget. The waiting can go on and on. Whilst you are reading this you are waiting for me to get to the point. This waiting is the “crevice of time” that can do wonders to us if we actually use it consciously. Whilst one is waiting for the turn at the doctors or waiting for the bus to arrive or waiting for the priest to begin the service or waiting for colleagues to arrive for a meeting, we could plan to do something. When one proactively plans to use crevice of time and use it, the feeling of accomplishment is indescribable.  


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